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My kennel name originated from a combination of my daughters name, Abby, and a little village in England called Abbedale. My love, respect and appreciation for Norfolk and Norwich terriers started in the 60's when I worked for a kennel during the summer. Four Norfolk there soon became my favorites because of their bright, happy and outgoing but undemanding dispositions. They were so full of themselves but wanted to be your best friend. My feelings for these special little dogs have not changed over the years. I bought my first little Norfolk girl in 1977, Crumpet, from one of the original Norfolk breeders in the US Bethway Kennels. I called her Abbedales Tea and Crumpet. I bred her in 1979 and had three puppies sired by Ch. Elve Pure Magic. His owner was Joan Read who is the one I have to thank for where I am in dogs today. All three finished their championships but that was not the best. Jamie became the first certified Hearing Ear Norfolk. Nappy was a group winner and a devoted companion. And my dearest of all, Abby, became the mother of seven champions and the love of my dog life. All lived into their fourteenth year. I could say the rest is history, because it is. Over the last thirty years I have raised and owned over one hundred conformation champions or titled dogs, one Best In Show, several Group and Best In Sweeps winners and many specialty placers. But the real joy for me is seeing the dogs I breed go into wonderful homes where they enhance the lives of their families. They are so loved as companions and friends.

Comments from my pet owners:

'My little red Prozac' (love that one); 'Best friend I have ever had'
‘Norfolk's are the best kept secret'; 'She delights me every day'; 'So smart and easy to live with'; 'May I have two?'; 'I want another for my mother'

Now to the serious part: Both breeds have genetic problems. 

Norfolk's have Mitrol Valve Disease, eye diseases (coloboma, optic nerve hypoplasia and cataracts). To a lesser degree, hip dysphasia and slipping patella's.

Norwich can have epilepsy and breathing problems, noisy is not good. Some breeders except it, they should not. Cataracts, patella's and hips can be a problem but not usual. Most all have larger than "normal” hearts. This 'can' be normal for the breeds.

ALL of these genetic problems can be bred around and or improved on. Breeders that cannot provide you with certifications from OFA and CERF should be suspect. Not everything I breed passes, but I do not double up on that gene. Any truly responsible breeder will test their dogs and can prove it. Those that don't are in it for the money or egos and are highly suspect. They only want to go from the whelping box to Best In Show with no obstacles. Unfortunately they are the norm. Beware, you will get what you deserve if you don't do your homework. You should expect to get at least a two year genetic guarantee. I take great pride in the fact I only have had to take back two dogs. Both were sired by a dog that produced bad dispositions. Had I only known... dispositions are genetic too!

Please ask pertinent questions when inquiring about a puppy or stud dog, you and the dogs deserve it.

Norfolk Terrier, Norwich Terrier Breeder since 1977.


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